Nodhom ERP Helps Businesses Innovate and Succeed with Reduced Costs, Optimized Operations, and Smarter Business Decisions

Take Control of Your Business with Nodhom ERP

We know that as you grow, you need a system that gives you full control. That’s why we offer a fully centralized, cloud-based ERP that’s easy to integrate, fully customizable, and designed to help your business scale.

Nodhom seamlessly brings together sales, financial,  procurement, HR, operation, and more to help you manage your business and supercharge its growth.


The All-In-One ERP Solution That Empowers Growth

sales app

Manage Orders More Efficiently

Boost customer satisfaction with streamlined order management that ensures every sale is tracked, recorded, and fulfilled.

Financial APP

Maintain Control of Your Accounts

Stay on top of your accounting transactions with an insightful view of your cash flow, financial information, and performance.


simplify the procurement process

Discover the ultimate procurement tool that lets you manage suppliers, generate invoices, and track purchase orders.

human resources APP

Manage Your HR Seamlessly

Manage your people with powerful tools designed to solve every HR issue, from payroll to leave requests.

operation app

Expand Your Aautomation Capabilities

Automate workflows across different functions of your business by connecting your apps together.


Powered by Salesforce.

Nodhom ERP is powered by Salesforce. By leveraging the power of the world's most trusted cloud platform, our customers can rest assured knowing that our apps are smart, secure, and optimized for rapid innovation.

Smart Features for a Smarter Business

Grow your business using the powerful features found in all of our ERP Apps.



Discover essential insights and analytics with data-packed reports.



Take control of every element of your business with intuitive and fully customizable dashboards.


Access Management & History

Control your users' access and keep track of changes made by users with an easy-to-navigate records history.


Communication Tools

Boost collaboration and make decisions faster by bringing all of your work communication tools into one place.


System Set-Up

Customize your ERP experience with centrally managed application settings.



Connect Nodhom apps to the other tools you need to run your business. From productivity to marketing to collaboration and beyond.

Our Clients Achieve Long-Term Success

We helped these companies take full control of their business.

وزارة الاستثمار، عميل برامج نظم لتخطيط موارد المؤسسات
نادي الطيريان السعودي، عميل برامج نظم لتخطيط موارد المؤسسات
مطابقة، عميل برامج نظم لتخطيط موارد المؤسسات
تكاتف الراجحي، عميل برامج نظم لتخطيط موارد المؤسسات

Discover the Nodhom ERP Advantage


Fully Customizable

Solve challenges unique to your company with tailored tools.


Scalable & Secure

Grow sustainably with solutions that scale with you.


Profit Boosting

Accelerate productivity, increase efficiency and get better results.