Manage The Sales Cycle to Track Your Customers' Requests from Services and Quotes to Invoicing

Nodhom Sales App Overview


Accounts Directory

  • Customers data management
  • Set and control credit limit for customers
  • Classifying and linking customers with cost centers and contracts

Leads Management

  • Assign the leads to the right sales reps
  • Integrate lead data from the website with the system

Sales Opportunities

  • Managing the negotiation stages with the client
  • Follow up the sales reps and automate deal closing

Quotations & Invoices

  • Issuing online quotations
  • Sharing quotations after the confirmation
  • Quotation and invoices template customization
  • Issuing and sending online invoices directly


  • Sales analytics
  • Sales returns
  • Profit and loss
  • Credit limits for customers

App Configuration

  • Chart of accounts management
  • User permissions management
  • Tax settings management
  • Document designs & templates management

Smart Features for a Smarter Business

Utilize ERP software features to grow your business


Approval Management

Speed up approval processes, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs with the approval workflow management system.


Flows & Process Builder

Bring sales, marketing, commerce, IT, finance, and analytics together through customized digital workflows that power an all-new way to work.


Access Management & History

Control your users' access and keep track of changes made by users with an easy-to-navigate records history.

import & export

Data Export & Import

Initiate export and import for your reports, invoices, products, customer data, and more from the external systems.


Open API for Integration

Build holistic ecosystems through integrations. Connect any system, whether in the cloud or on-premises, on a unified platform with APIs.


Communication Tools

Boost collaboration and make decisions faster by bringing all your work communication tools into one place.


Dynamic Layout & Customization

Customize your ERP experience with centrally managed application settings that allow you to build your custom templates, and themes.


Notifications & Reminder

Enable your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze and manage everyday tasks using Nodhom's task tool to help you stay organized and meet deadlines.


Email Integration

Integrating Nodhom's apps with your email, data is available automatically to help you segment your lists, and trigger email campaigns to customers.